The Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program®
is a medical breakthrough weight loss program
with a 99% success rate. It can help you achieve
the new you and the healthy lifestyle you've
always wanted.

Dr. Max Rogers


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Customer Reviews

"After getting really tired of the "just don't eat diet", which never worked, I finally signed up with Serotonin Plus because a number of friends had recommended it. I was very pleased. I experienced immediate results and learned lessons about eating that will help me stay trim from now on! Knowing that I had close medical supervision and moral support from Dr.Rogers and Sarah made me feel safe and assured me of success. Best of all, my wife is delighted!"
Jody, 41

"I've been very pleased with SP Weight Loss. I can eat plenty as long as I limit the carbohydrates. I highly recommend SP Weight Loss to anyone wanting to lose weight. I especially like being able to eat out easily. My sister and I started SP Weight Loss one year ago, August 2010. The first week and a half I lost 11.5 pounds. I lost a total of 61 pounds and my sister has lost 45 pounds."
Tonya, 54

"SP Weight Loss has been wonderful!!! I was about 20 pounds overweight but more than that I was having health problems and did not feel good about myself. (I have always been on the thin side.) I lost all the weight and more, with Sarah's encouragement each week and have continued to loose and maintain since I finished the program over 3 months ago. In regards to my health, I feel good about myself now, my acid reflux is better(only taking one Nexium a day, instead of two previously taken). My bad cholesterol is much better(it is now at 100, previously it was 250+). I walk 3-5 miles every day along with continuing the diet plan from SP."
Sharon, 61

"Serotonin Plus has been the best weight loss program I have ever utilized. The staff is so supportive and resourceful. I feel like this is an eating plan that I can follow for the rest of my life. It is structured in 3 phases that allow you to make choices as to what you are eating. I found that very empowering which helped me realize that learning to work within those choices was my key to weight loss and maintenance. No shots, no surgery, no special food and no exclusion of food groups. Therefore, no regaining weight because you just continue making the food choices that brought you weight loss."
Robin, 50

"SP Weight Loss is a guaranteed success. With dedication to the program, it changes the outlook on dieting. You have many options for meals and it teaches long term success. I am very thankful to Dr.Max and Sarah for the opportunity to be part of such a great weight loss program. After 4 months on my own, the knowledge that I obtained has continued to keep the pounds off."
Rebekah, 30

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